We have played a magical concert in the Stadttheater of Lindau am Bodensee. Now we say goodbye and take a creative break – a great thank you to all who have been fascinated by the music of Shoot the Moon over the years!


After two great concerts in Jena and Nordhausen we are looking forward to Christmas!

This weekend we were on the road again. We travelled to Southern Germany to play two wonderful concerts: Jazzclub Karlsruhe und Jazzstudio Nürnberg. Cosy train rides, friendly hosts, good beer – we were very happy!


It was a great concert at Saxstall – many thanks to Eckard Schleiermacher & Co! Every time, we discover new strange figures playing saxophone…


Rehearsing again after a long winter break- we are looking forward to our concert at the legendary Saxstall in Pohrsdorf on February 19th!


Don`t miss it – on Wednesday, October 12, 2016, 23:05h, the radio station BR Klassik will broadcast the recording of our concert at Eisenbahnmuseum Nürnberg on September 25. Many thanks to Beate Sampson and the wonderful crew of the BR, Reinhold Horn for organising the concert and Helmut Kempe for the photos!


Rehearsing intensely and looking forward to our concerts this week: Wednesday, 21.9. ZigZag Jazzclub Berlin and Sunday, 25.9. Jazzmatinee Eisenbahnmuseum Nürnberg – with live recording by the „Bayrischer Rundfunk“… yeah!


Summer Open Air Concert at the festival „Jazz im Park“ in front of the magical castle of Ringelheim – it was a fabulous afternoon!

Among Saints and Cows: yesterday we played a beautiful concert in the romanesque St.-Bartholomäus-Church at the „Jazz Folk Bike“ – Festival Syke!


We are very happy about the great reviews – german and international – of our new CD „Saints & Fools“! Please visit our press site…


Yesterday we played a very nice concert at Musikinstrumentenmuseum – thank you very much Hannes Zerbe and the museum crew!


Hooray! Today is the official release date of our new CD „Saints & Fools“! Please visit the website of our label and the shop: www.tigermoonrecords.com


Twenty hours on the train and a wonderful concert at La-Chaux-de-Fonds in the french-speaking part of Switzerland – merci beaucoup à Les Murs du Son!


A memorable evening yesterday in Uslar – Shoot the Moon and Ruth Brockhausen hosted by Literatur- und Kunstkreis!


We are looking forward to our concert on Friday, February  19, starting 21h at Aufsturz (Oranienburger Str.67, Berlin-Mitte) for Jazzkeller 69: „Saints & Fools“ CD-Prerelease! The CDs have arrived, they sound beautiful and look great. We would be happy to see you!


Today from 11 pm until midnight, we are visiting Ulf Drechsels RBB radio show Late Night Jazz . We present our new CD „Saints & Fools“ – to be released March 15 on Tiger Moon Records.


Wolf Kampmann writes about us in Jazzthing in his column „Mauerpark“: „The quintet offers a toy box full to the brim with quirky songs animated by the irrepressible creativity of singer Winnie Brückner…“


Happy new Year!
We are crazy about our amazing new pictures by Sandra Schuck:


We are very happy: Soon we will have finished mixing our CD. Hopefully, it will be produced before Christmas…



Our gig at bflat was great!


Yeah yeah yeah! We play at bflat on Thursday, 22 October, 21h (Berlin-Mitte, Rosenthaler Str.13). We would love to see you there!


„Saints & Fools“ – we are in Volker Meitz` Studio mixing our new CD. It will be released on Tiger Moon Records in February 2016…


It was marvellous in Braunschweig – enthusiastic audience, amiable organizers and great concert atmosphere!

We are rehearsing again after the summer break – and we are looking forward to our concert in Braunschweig on September 25!


New videos from our concert at Grüner Salon – check them out here !


Shoot the Moon at rbb – on Saturday, April 25 at 23:04h the Kulturradio is broadcasting the recording of our concert at Jazz Units Festival in Grüner Salon in December. We are looking forward to it, many thanks to Ulf Drechsel!


Suported by coffee and knitting, we spent three eventful but still relaxed days in Rainer Robben`s great studio and recorded our new CD „Saints & Fools“ – to be released in 2016 on Tiger Moon Records!


We played two wonderful double bill concerts (Wabe & Jazz Units Festival Grüner Salon) with our new songs – and a live recording by RBB Kulturradio. Now we wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


We just got back from our concert at Unterfahrt in München – it was great, many thanks to the whole crew and especially Walter the cook!


Tadaa! We proudly present OUR NEW VIDEO: see Media —>>>
The City, the Band – and a small dog on the sidelines!


We are rehearsing our new songs – and we are looking forward to the autumn: we are going to play concerts at the Unterfahrt in München, at the Jazzclub in Wernigerode, and two double bills in Berlin – at the Wabe with House of Mirrors and with Absolutely Sweet Marie at Grüner Salon at the Jazz Units Festival!


The summer unfolds with open air gigs… such as the legendary Lohmühlen-Festival of Jazzkeller 69 in Kreuzberg or the 1012. Bautzener Frühling!



We are working on our new video: two weeks of city construction, two days of video shooting in Theaterforum Kreuzberg – including enormous quantities of dry ice fog and a dog with a talent for acting. We can´t wait to see the result!



In Burgthann, it was great as usual – we played a lovely concert and we were very happy about the cheerful audience and the impressive ambience of the castle!


There is a new euphoric CD Review of „Big Black Dogs“ –
5 of 5 Stars in the Jazzzeitung, with the conclusion of journalist Hans-Dieter Grünefeld: „Essential listening!“


Last weekend we played two great gigs at the Winterjazz-Festival Brelingen and in Heidelberg – despite the spring gales, the audience was numerous and excited about our new songs…


Nürnberg was wonderful! „A subtly grooving ride on a harmonical roller coaster, accelerating the pulse with rapid loopings…“ (Nürnberger Nachrichten)
The audience was enthusiastic as well, so we did not need as much coffee as on a normal morning!


Shoot the Moon wishes you a cheerful New Year! We are looking forward to travelling to the South of Germany for a concert in the railway museum – on January 26 at 11 a.m!


We just played two wonderful concerts in inspiring surroundings: in Altenburgs Museum of Natural History and Pohrsdorfs Saxstall – dreaming of weasels, wild boars and cats playing the saxophone on the train to Berlin!


We are very happy about the first reviews of the new album „Big Black Dogs“! Jazz Thing writes: The Opener „Coffee“ immediately draws you into the action with its irresistible groove  – Coffee for everyone!


Two great concerts – thank you, Berlin & Jena!


Brandnew and sparkling yellow: we`d like to introduce our third CD „Big Black Dogs“ with two Record-Release Concerts: Friday May 24,  21h in Aufsturz in Berlin-Mitte & Sunday May 26.5. , 20h in  Perle in Jena. We would be happy to see you there and celebrate!


This week, Winnie & Almut visited Ulf Drechsel at RBB – including cover dog Paule – to present the new CD „Big Black Dogs“. Hear the result on  Sunday May 19th, 23h at  „Late Night Jazz“.


Like Christmas and Easter on the same day: Our new nice and yellow CD  „Big Black Dogs“ will be released at the end of May (Wismart / NRW Distribution)! We are very happy and we hope to see you in one of our record release concerts: May 24 Berlin Aufsturz and May 26 Jena Perle!

Don`t miss it: Shoot the Moon Radio Broadcast!
BR Klassik Jazztime Wednesday, 13.2., 23.05h – 24.00h,
recorded live in concert at Jazzstudio Nürnberg


Thank you Berlin, Nürnberg and Eisenach! Three wonderful concerts and a romantic train journey through the Southern German winter landscape…


We are looking forward to our little January tour: Berlin on Thursday – Shakespeare & Sons, Nürnberg on Friday – Jazzstudio (recorded by BR Radio, yippie!), Eisenach on Saturday – Jazzclub…
– and we are rehearsing in spite of snow and ice!


In the studio again, working on our third CD… cutting, mixing, crazy overdubs…. done!!!


Great photo session with Frank Johannes – on our way to world fame…


Shoot the Moon at the Garden Concert Festival in Eberswalde – playing songs around urban flora and fauna – under a full moon…


Three days in the studio – good work atmosphere, lots of funny and exciting material, we could continue for weeks!


This week we are recording our third CD.
Last rehearsals before studio – Coffee keeps us moving…


Tonight we play at the wonderful bookshop Shakespeare & Sons in Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg. There is no better place for the premiere of our new Virginia-Woolf-Songs – come and listen!

Shoot the Moon

Almut Schlichting – alto sax, composition
Winnie Brückner – voice
Tobias Dettbarn – bass clarinet
Sven Hinse – double bass
Philipp Bernhardt – drums

The musical world of Shoot the Moon is colorful and multilayered. In the compositions of bandleader Almut Schlichting contemporary jazz merges with songwriting, folkloristic elements and freely improvised soundscapes. Flashes of reggae, rock, klezmer music and salsa infuse the collage-like arrangements. Everything is connected by the fictional flow of the lyrics. Shoot the Moon develop a dense network of narrative threads that invites the listeners to give free play to their own imagination.
The songs are animated by the musicians` well-balanced interaction: the virtuoso charms of the vocal parts, the warm sounds of alto saxophone and bass clarinet, the permeable rhythms and light-footed grooves of bass and drums and the imaginative improvisations.
Shoot the Moon were laureate of the studio competition of the Berlin Senate in 2005 Since then they have played numerous gigs at clubs and festivals to a cordial public and have released four enthusiastically received CDs.


„Interlaced and animated, frizzy and gloriously grooving… funny, fascinating, commendable!“
Jazzzeitung, Michael Scheiner


„A wonderful kaleidoscope of moods and fanciful obscurities“
rbb Kulturradio, Ulf Drechsel


„A toybox filled to bursting with very quirky songs“
Jazzthing, Wolf Kampmann


„Belle découverte!“
Culture Jazz, Thierry Giard

















19.02.2017 Pohrsdorf Saxstall
18.05.2017 Karlsruhe Jazzclub
19.05.2017 Nürnberg Jazzstudio
10.10.2017 Jena Café Wagner
18.11.2017 Nordhausen Jazzclub (tbc)


20.01.2018 Lindau am Bodensee Stadttheater


19.02.2016 Berlin Aufsturz / Jazzkeller 69
03.03.2016 Uslar Literatur- und Kunstkreis
(& Ruth Brockhausen / Theater der Nacht)
11.03.2016 La Chaux-de-Fonds Les Murs du Son
28.04.2016 Berlin Jazz im Musikinstrumentenmuseum
03.06.2016 Syke Jazz Folk Bike Festival
07.08.2016 Salzgitter Jazz im Park
21.09.2016 Berlin Zig Zag Jazzclub
25.09.2016 Nürnberg Eisenbahnmuseum (BR-Recording)


25.09.2015 Braunschweig Jazzinitiative
22.10.2015 Berlin bflat
03.12.2014 Berlin Grüner Salon Jazz Units Festival (& Absolutely Sweet Marie)
19.11.2014 Berlin Wabe (& House of Mirrors)
30.10.2014 München Unterfahrt
20.09.2014 Wernigerode Jazzclub
05.07.2014 Berlin Festival Jazz an der Lohmühle
01.06.2014 Bautzen Stadtfest
10.05.2014 Burgthann Jazz in der Burg
16.03.2014 Heidelberg Jazzclub
15.03.2014 Brelingen Winterjazz-Festival
26.01.2014 Nürnberg DB-Museum (Matinee)


22.09.2013 Pohrsdorf Saxstall
21.09.2013 Altenburg Jazzklub
26.05.2013 Jena Perle – 19. Köstritzer Jazzfrühling
(Jazz im Paradies & Jazzclub International)
24.05.2013 Berlin Aufsturz
26.01.2013 Eisenach Jazzclub
25.01.2013 Nürnberg Jazzstudio
24.01.2013 Berlin Shakespeare & Sons


31.08.2012 Eberswalde Gartenkonzert-Festival

03.04.2012 Berlin Shakespeare&Sons

23.10.2011 Berlin Haus der Sinne

26.06.2011 Berlin bflat

05.03.2011 Berlin Aufsturz Jazzkeller 69
04.03.2011 Pfaffenhofen Künstlerwerkstatt
03.03.2011 München Unterfahrt
25.02.2011 La Chaux-de-Fonds Les Murs du Son


15.09.2010 Berlin bflat
08.04.2010 Berlin Haus der Sinne
25.03.2010 Jena Café Wagner
11.03.2010 Leipzig Moritzbastei
30.01.2010 Schwäbisch Gmünd Jazzclub
29.01.2010 Bamberg Jazzclub


27.11.2009 Berlin Ladies First Festival
14.11.2009 Itzehoe Kulturhof
13.11.2009 Leer Jazzclub
07.11.2009 Burgthann Jazzclub
06.11.2009 Nürnberg Stimmenfang Festival
03.10.2009 Berlin Jazzmeeting Festival
15.06.2009 Berlin Haus der Sinne
09.05.2009 Bautzen Filmfestival
06.06.2009 Arnstadt Jazzfestival
13.02.2009 Darmstadt Jazzinstitut
12.02.2009 Fulda Cafe Ideal


22.11.2008 Stralsund Speicher am Katharinenberg
07.11.2008 Stendal Theater
10.10.2008 Nürnberg Jazzstudio
07.09.2008 Syke Jazz Folk Bike Festival
22.06.2008 Hannoversch Münden Kulturring
21.06.2008 Bad Hersfeld Buchcafe
29.03.2008 Leipzig Jazznachwuchsfestival
19.03.2008 Berlin Theaterkapelle


24.11.2007 Lüneburg Jazzinitiative
04.11.2007 Berlin Haus der Sinne
03.11.2007 Köln Loft
01.11.2007 Viersen Jazzclub
12.05.2007 Rostock Alstadtjazzfest
11.05.2007 Berlin Jazzkeller 69


24.11.2006 Lübbenau Swingladen
10.11.2006 Weimar mon ami
02.11.2006 Berlin Haus der Sinne
29.10.2006 Bayreuth Jazzforum
28.10.2006 Nürnberg Jazzstudio
27.10.2006 Saarbrücken Jazz-Syndikat
26.10.2006 Trier TUFA
09.09.2006 Potsdam Jazzfestival
02.09.2006 Nauen Kulturzentrum
01.09.2006 Erfurt Jazzkeller
26.08.2006 Brandenburg Jazzfestival
18.06.2006 Bad Hersfeld Buchcafe
17.06.2006 Mainz Jazzinitiative JIM
16.06.2006 Altenburg Jazzklub
10.06.2006 Stralsund Speicher am Katharinenberg
24.05.2006 Berlin Deutsches Theater
11.04.2006 Jena Cafe Wagner
18.02.2006 Magdeburg Volksbad Buckau
13.01.2006 Neuendorf am See

Presse & Radio Reviews

CD Saints & Fools 2016


Jazzzeitung, July 2016, Michael Scheiner
Interlaced and animated, frizzy and gloriously grooving, the album is an unusual find in the gerne jazz. It is a great pleasure to discover and follow its unexpected turns and jumps into stylistically ambigous corners. From lyrical warmth to driving grooves, the conceptionally sophisticated album builds bridges between times and forms. A compelling invitation to dive into the fantasy world of Schlichting and her band. Funny, fascinating, commendable!


Culture Jazz, April 2016, Thierry Giard
Voilà une formation qui a retenu notre attention et que nous avons toujours plaisir à retrouver dans le cheminement aléatoire sur notre liste de lecture du mois. Shoot The Moon nous vient de Berlin, pépinière des musiques inventives européennes. Son répertoire puise dans les musiques anciennes et traditionnelles, des chansons (parfois en français!) développées avec intelligence et énergie. Belle découverte!


rbb Kulturradio, April 2016, Ulf Drechsel
All the real and imaginary stories which are told in an often bizarre manner are a wonderful kaleidoscope of moods and fanciful obscurities – carried by the spirited band reaching for the stars.


Jazzthing, März 2016, Wolf Kampmann
The quintet offers a toybox filled to bursting with very quirky songs which come alive with the powerful presentation of vocalist Winnie Brückner. Singer and band assume diverse parts, making each song appear like a short film with surprising plots and turns. They do not stay exclusively in the jazz idiom – moments of moritat, rock, chanson and Brecht/Weill rotate at a tearing pace. However, at no time does the music become arbitrary. It always shows a strong collective handwriting, keeping all the songs under one roof.


Longplay-Blog, März 2016, Robert Ratajczak
Interestingly constructed vocal lines, the warm sounds of the alto saxophone and the characteristic tone of the bass clarinet create an extraordinary marriage of ideas, combining medieval aesthetics with modern improvised music.


Jazzflits, April 2016, Herman te Loo
Friendly and playful…
Singer WB has a bright and clear soprano, going perfectly with the style of the music.
The lack of an harmony instrument makes the band sound open, the alto saxophone of the bandleader and the clarinet of Tobias Dettbarn dancing twinkle-toed around each other…
The listener is drawn into the music, not by spectacular musical whirlwinds or fast tempos, but in an inconspicuous way, by melodies which sound as though they have been stored in your memory for years.


Radio T Chemnitz, März 2016, Klaus Wiedenhöft
Jazz and Voice does not have to be the 150th version of „My funny Valentine“. The newest CD of the band Shoot the Moon shows that other approaches are possible. Almut Schlichting was inspired by medieval music and texts. Now Shoot the Moon presents a extraordinary and exciting product which is not only interesting for jazz lovers, but also for every curios and musically open pair of ears.


Jazzpodium, April 2016, Rainer Bratfisch
The musicians quote medieval harmonies, borrow from Dada and, apart from that, move stylistically assured in the Here and Now. The balancing act succeeds: from the first to the last note, the music is exciting, amusing and laid-back.


Melodiva, März 2016
An interesting mixture inviting repeated listening.


Sound and Image Blog, März 2016, Klaus Halama
Very high-class (…) and adventurous!


Press & Radio Reviews

CD Big Black Dogs & Concerts 2013


Kulturradio of the rbb, Late Night Jazz May 2013, Ulf Drechsel
Afraid of big black dogs? Not neccessarily – if they play as merrily as in the quintet Shoot the Moon…
On their third album Big Black Dogs (which could definitely be subtitled „and other animals great and small“), the band weaves a dense net of songs, made from catchy melodies, crafty grooves and amusing English and German texts. All this including a serious twinkle in the eye. The compositiones of alto saxophonist Almut Schlichting run like a thread from the two previous albums and continue spinning it into a fabric of pop, rock, jazz, folk and avantgarde. The singer Winnie Brückner bestows an idiosyncratic flavor on the „protagonists“, and saxophone and bass clarinet add further layers of sound.The rhythm section – Sven Hinse, double bass and Max Andrzejewski, drums – perfectly master the scope of straight rock, hip hop and free jazz, never showing off, always keeping calm in service of the songs.
Whoever is still afraid of big black dogs, will most likely loose their fear while listening to this album.


BR-KLASSIK Jazztime, February 2013, Beate Sampson
On January 25, the Berlin Quintet Shoot the Moon presented their new songs from Big Black Dogs and elated the audience in the jam-packed club Jazzstudio. Saxophonist and bandleader Almut Schlichting writes all compositions for the ensemble, combining elements from various contemporary styles: echoes of American and European folklore, traditional swing and modern classical music, pop and rock, resulting in a fresh and perky song-oriented jazz, wonderfully tailored to the lucid timbre of Winnie Brückner`s voice. The collective sound of the surrounding band is distinct and instantly recognizable. It is created by two horns, bass and drums, doing without a chord instrument, and it thrives on the appeal of the resulting transparency…


CD Review Rondo, October 2013, Josef Engels
Coffee is the fuel that keeps Berlin running. That`s what everybody knows since the wonderful film Oh Boy, that´s what the metropolis-based quintet Shoot The Moon shows with their hymn Coffee, written by band leader and alto saxophonist Almut Schlichting. A grumpy bass and scuffling drums are adrenalized with caffeine by strange bop horn lines and the voice of Winnie Brückner, oscillating between purring jingles and rap – to such an extent that finally they skip into happy South American rhythms from the home of the coffee bean.
Surprising changes of mood are a typical feature of the third recording of Shoot The Moon. A pseudo-Irish folk song is transformed into a reggae (Secret Green), a tango number ends up with Kurt Weill (Schnecken),
a chorale turns into a polka and finally into a twisted waltz (Walk In The Woods). The playful choiceness of the arrangements contrasts with a raw, crannied band sound; doing without a chord instrument grants freedom to the soloists. Vocalist Brückner is the protagonist who animates Schlichtings extraordinary song-tragicomedies with storyteller-siren voice. Berlin, singing and sighing.


CD Review melodiva, October 2013, Tina Karolina Stauner
Warm grooves, imaginative improvisations, weirdly dazzling songs, music for visionary souls and agile spirits… you can catch a daily whiff of paradise everywhere with Big Black Dogs.


CD Review Jazz Thing, September 2013, Rolf Thomas
Breezy & summery… The opener Coffee instantly attracts you with its iresistible groove.


CD Review Westzeit, October 2013, Klaus Hübner
Well-observed scenes from daily life, profound nuances, distinct expressiveness…


Concert Preview, Nürnberger Nachrichten January 2014, Peter Gruner
A subtly grooving ride on a harmonical roller coaster, accelerating the pulse with rapid loopings…


Concert Review Thüringische Landeszeitung, May 2013, Dietmar Ebert
Shoot the Moon elated the attentive audience with poetical jazz songs, narrating stories filled with quiet mirth and silent melancholy. Winnie Brückner sings with lucid and soulful voice; and every single instrument tells the story in its own way. Thus emerges a fresh sound, combining elements of American and European folk music, swing, pop, and rock, and coalescing them into a distinct vision of sound.
The great texts and music invited you to dream – and also encouraged you to live your dreams. Maybe in music?


Concert Review Osterländer Volkszeitung, September 2013, Thomas Trummer
Delightful stories, wonderfully gnarly songs, intoxicating grooves – great music. There were quiet pop sections alternating with vivid rhythms and experimental episodes (…) The icing on the cake was the crystal clear voice of Winnie Brückner. The audience was enthusiastic – two encores and standing ovations!


CD GLORY & DECAY & Concerts (2010 & 2011)


„Sparkling, funny, raucous… extremely stimulating music ..“
„One of the most enchanting German jazz bands…“
“An audacious crossover trip through jazz genres – it s great fun!“
„An appealing mixture of gripping density and lyrical fancifulness…“
„The poetic texts and expressive melodies move hearts and minds equally…combined with intoxicating rhythms… Shoot the Moon creates very convincing music…“
„Uncompromising, twinkle-toed and alert!“
„Theatrically blazing, very amusing and musically great, the imaginatively dressed Berlin band „Shoot the Moon“ played in the Jazzstudio: Gnomes are rocking in the German forests, and the Queen is dancing.“
(Nürnberger Nachrichten)
„Last weekend, the Berlin-based saxophone player and composer Almut Schlichting played with her formidable band „Shoot The Moon“ …. Schlichtings intricate compositions, songs and suites, sometimes more related to contemporary classical music than to jazz, combined with the freedom of stormy improvising…, result in quirky and idiosycratic tone poems…“
(Mittelbayrische Zeitung)
„La parité femmes-hommes existe dans le jazz, le sextet berlinois Shoot The Moon en est l’illustration. Leur disque „Glory & decay“ n’est certes pas une nouveauté (paru en 2008, il nous est parvenu en cours d’hiver) mais il permet de découvrir une formation qui ne manque ni d’air, pour proposer une musique pleine de fougue et de vitalité assez délirante, ni d’airs pour captiver l’oreille de l’auditeur. La thématique n’est pas sans évoquer Kurt Weill pour le côté cabaret décadant, la place des chansons et des rythmes tournoyants. On remarque la fougue des solistes au premier rang desquels la saxophoniste alto Almut Schlichting („emperruquée“ comme Marie-Antoinette, mais elle ne perd pas la tête !), la trompettiste à la sonorité „brass-band“ Sabine Ercklentz et la vocaliste Winnie Brückner, entre pop-singer et diva déjantée. Les hommes de l’équipe assurent avec talent la rythmique et une partie très pertinente de clarinette basse. C’est bien fait sans viser une perfection, pas indispensable d’ailleurs, et cette musique ne manque ni d’âme ni de cœur. On imagine que leurs prestations scéniques ne doivent pas être tristes!“
(Culture Jazz)
CD TREASURE ISLAND & Concerts (2008 & 2009)
„Almut Schlichting`s Sextett with the beautiful name Shoot the Moon makes Tom-Waits-Polkas collide with the controlled madness of Ornette Coleman; drunken waltz flirts with lopsided blues, and Marvin Gaye drowns in the bow waves of a postmodern pirate shanty.“ (Berliner Morgenpost)
„Profound ease …stylistic border crossing…imaginative songwriting…expressive solo statements…“
„Heartily expressive…openness and new, individual forms of expression…“
„Variète and vaudeville, urban grooves and shantys, rock loans and singer-songwriter-feasting, Brecht and Weill, Polka, Klezmer and imaginary folklore, Tango and funeral march….something dreamy and fabulous in battered idylls …le fabuleux destin of Almut S.“ (sonic)
„Lightyears removed from the mainstream, somewhere between contemporary jazz and angular chanson, Shoot the Moon have created their own very special fantasy-grooves. Between the South Sea and the Arctic, the Berlin sextett dives down to hidden musical treasures with their songs of sunken sailboats and bathing tigers…“
(Saarbrücker Zeitung)
„(Shoot the Moon) roam the music fund, beautifully and off-key…“ Nürnberger Nachrichten
„Music Pirates keen on experimenting…Shoot the Moon elates the listeners in the sold-out Kulturbahnhof…“
(Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine)
„Never a jazz band in the straight sense of the word, Shoot the Moon have build many causes of friction into their music. Theatrical street ballads evocative of an imaginary Berlin of the twenties alternate with Calypso-infected songs, roughed up with folkloristic ingredients, which sometimes remind of Klezmer or Balkan sounds…“
„(Shoot the Moon) inspire with a distinctive and inventive sound… powerful and rough…from the morbid air of Viennese waltz to excursions to the south sea and the greek ancient world… very special charm. .“
(Saarbrücker Zeitung)
„Even Captain Jack Sparrow himself would swoon over (Shoot the Moon)…..“
(Nürnberger Nachrichten)


Concert in Nürnberg (Eisenbahnmuseum) September 2016
Photos: Helmut Kempe

Festival Jazz im Park Salzgitter August 2016

Summer 2016

Concert in La-Chaux-de-Fonds March 2016

Concert in Uslar March 2016

Mixing November 2015

Rehearsals Oktober 2015

Studio January 2015

Concerts in Berlin Winter 2014 – Wabe & Jazz Units Festival Grüner Salon

Summer 2014

Winterjazz-Festival Brelingen March 2014
Photos: HJ Weiss

Concert in Nürnberg (Railway Museum) January 2014
Photos: Helmut Kempe

Concerts in Altenburg (Museum of Natural History) & Pohrsdorf Sept 2013

Concert in Jena May 2013

Concerts in Nürnberg and Eisenach January 2013

Fotoshooting Frank Johannes September 2012

Garden Concert Festival Eberswalde August 2012

Live in Berlin October 2011

Summer 2011

Glory & Decay

On the Road

The Early Years



All CDs are available at the shop of our label Tiger Moon Records.


2016: Saints & Fools (Tiger Moon Records)


2013: Big Black Dogs (Wismart)


2009: Glory & Decay (jazzwerkstatt)

2006: Treasure Island (nrw records)




Almut Schlichting (0049)-179-7541861




Almut Schlichting
Stargarder Str.67
10437 Berlin